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Architects Registration Board

ARB is the UK's statutory regulator of architects.


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Construction Skills Register

CSR One Day Health & Safety Course for Construction Site Visitors



The Royal Institute of British Architects


The Planning Service


Building Control Northern Ireland



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Outline Proposals

Detailed Design Development

Planning Submission

Working Drawings Building Control Approval

Tender Documentation

Site Supervision to ensure Quality of Work

Practical Completion

Dwellings in the Countryside | Replacement Dwellings

Effective from 1st June 2010 PPS 21 sets out all Planning Policies for development within Northern Ireland's countryside.

Planning permission will be granted for a replacement dwelling where the building to be replaced exhibits the essential characteristics of a dwelling and as a minimum all external structural walls are substantially intact.

Building on Tradition

Supplementary Planning Guidance to PPS21

Building on Tradition: Is a Sustainable Design Guide for the Northern Ireland Countryside' which provides assistance to all those involved with sustainable development in the Northern Ireland countryside to understand the requirements of PPS21. The guide promotes quality and sustainable building design in Northern Ireland's countryside. This document was produced by the Planning Service and came into effect from May 2012.

PPS21 has a number of leading themes that transcend its entire set of policies. In order to understand and develop an insight into its policies and requirements the guide is structured according to theme, with clear cross references to individual policies as they arise. This guide tells you about

Our Place, what makes it special

what gives our rural environment its unique character and how do we preserve this through new development?

Reuse - reusing vernacular and other buildings

How can existing buildings be used to our best advantage?

Visually Integrated

How we can integrate development with the landscape and other building groups?


How can you design top quality replacement houses?

New Build

How should new buildings be designed to fit the landscape?

Building on Tradition

How do you improve the environmental standards of development in order to minimise costs and impacts on the surrounding environment.?

Extensions & Alterations | Sunrooms | Roofspace Conversions


Not all extensions will require Full Planning Permission, some are viewed as Permitted Development. The Planning Service produced a booklet Your Home and Planning Permission which gives guidance on this issue.

All Applications are subject to Planning Fees

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